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Although the standard alarm system features either Audio Glass Breakage detection or Shock Sensing, some vehicles will need additional sensors to ensure a would-be thief is detected.

  SEN-002 Shock Sensor
  • Detects vibration and impact upon the vehicle.
  • Can protect wheels as breaking wheel-nut thread cause shock.
  • Detects breaking glass.
  • A passive sensor, so power consumption is very low.

SEN-002 Shock Sensor
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  ACC-003 Microwave Sensor
  • Detects changes in the content density of the car.
  • Penetrates soft object like seats.
  • Adjustable field strength.
  • Will not false alarm if objects already inside microwave field move.
  • Also comes in a dual zone version.

ACC-003 Microwave Sensor
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  SEN-009 Tilt Sensor
  • Measures real-time attitude of the car with respect to the earth.
  • Protects wheels by detecting change in car’s angle when air is release from a tyre.
  • Detects unauthorised attempt to towing car away.
  • A passive sensor, so power consumption is very low.

SEN-009 Tilt Sensor
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  ACC-001 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Fills cabin of car with an ultrasonic sound field, triggers if the echo changes.
  • Will not false alarm to due exposed metal surfaces.
  • Ultrasonic field will not penetrate through glass to false alarm due to external moving objects.

SCR-001 Reversing Screen
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